I have had several private messages asking me if I am going to continue with my posts and story.  I sincerely apologize for the interruption, but I have been almost consumed in taking care of something that is very important.  I am hoping to continue with my posts / story soon as well as hoping to be able to share with some pretty awesome stuff.  Again I apologize and please stay tuned (if you want) :).  Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “UPDATE!

  1. You seem to be saying things are continuing to improve. If that’s the case, I’m very happy for you and yours. I will wait patiently for your next post. All the best—Kay

  2. I’d be surprised if you remember who I am, but I was in the Riverside Mission at the same time you were. Came across your blog and have to say that seeing you fight to regain your life and soul is quite inspirational. Keep at it!

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