I’m driving to Amy’s (Dive in with Amy) studio.  I’ve never done a podcast before.  I believe Jeff, the producer, answers the door.  I’m walked back to a room with lights, cameras, and microphones.  I meet Amy.  Both her and Jeff are professional, engaging, and just plain easy to engage with.  We do some prep talk.  Once we’re on, Amy wastes no time.  She just dives right in.  After a bit over an hour, I take a breath.  Amy asks great questions and skillfully keeps me on track.  We’re not even close to being finished.

Soooo, stay tuned…recording #3 is Monday, May 6th.  Recording #1 should be published in about a week or so.

In the meantime, I watched this video this morning, and it’s worth watching, even if you’ve seen it before.  More to come…the battle goes on…

Why Do We Fall?

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