Life is good, really good.  The increase in my dosage has caused my medication struggles to temporarily fade into the background.  Time flies. Business is booming, money is flowing in, and we move into our dream home.

Because of our expertise in real estate investing, my partner and I are invited to speak at several national real estate conventions throughout the country.

(Below is a picture of me speaking at one)

DSC03017 2

We work hard and our business prospers. We’re fully aware of the higher power that is helping us all along the way.  We also have incredibly talented, trustworthy employees who help establish a fun, productive company culture.  I love walking in our office.  There is such a good, positive, and energizing feeling there.  We are constantly innovating, automating and collaborating.

(Below are pictures of our office)



We have a 6500 square foot office space, and we’re busting at the seams with over 50 employees.  We’re a small company, but fanatical about finding innovative ways to expand and grow for our future.

I’m functioning at a high level.  My partner and I feel unstoppable together, especially with the team surrounding us. 

We belong to top-level mastermind groups. 

We have close affiliates who are the nation’s leaders in their niche. 

Our connections, relationships, and credibility in our industry position us for only more opportunities and paths to increasing levels of success. 

The countless hours we spend automating our business pays off and much of our time is freed up.  We have the space to think of new ways to expand or new businesses to start.

During this time, I think that I’ll never have to worry about money ever again in my life.  The future is brighter and more certain than ever.

Gradually, I begin to notice my medication not having the same effect or duration as it used to.  I constantly review my past trying to figure out where I went wrong and why this keeps happening to me.  I start periodically taking extra doses to make it through the day.  This creates a whole host of problems.

In the meantime, July 8th, 2013 arrives.

Remember the beautiful Sunday morning I’m gazing out our back window?  Remember what happens next (click here for a refresher)?

The strange pile of skulls. The captivating 2 two-headed lizard stone.  The ancient arrowhead.

It’s that day, and unbeknownst to me at the time, these discoveries caused my life to jump tracks. Unbeknownst to me I was now heading to places and experiences that never before had entered into my mind or heart.


The “endeavor” (what I call it later) begins.

I collect all the skulls and put them in a plastic bin.  I take the stone and arrowhead inside with me.  The rest of the day I feel a strong pull to go back over the wall.  It’s not that I want to find out if there is more to be found.  I can already tell there is more. By evening time, I decide I’m going back over there the next day when it gets dark (it’s too hot during the day).  I don’t tell anyone in my family, and I tell no one but my business partner and wife what I’ve found.

My search area is between the wall and the canal. Between them is a small area of dirt, desert weeds, brush and growth.  There is a fat tree with thorns that has its branches sagging all the way down to the ground.  This becomes my domain, the place where I spend countless hours at night over the next many months.

(Below is a google earth screen shot of our house.  The canal is in the right corner.  The rectangle is my search area, and the small red dot is where I looked over the wall when I saw the pile of skulls)


(Below is a view from the front of our house.  Again the red dot on the house side is where I stood and looked over.  The red dot on the canal side is approximately the location of the pile of skulls)


Finally, evening rolls in the next day, the moon is rising, and although still hot, it’s dark enough to start.

I didn’t take my first dose of medication until late in the day so I don’t crash before or during my planned expedition.

I’m dressed in light nylon jogging pants and a cool tee shirt.  I have a pickax in my hand and a head light strapped around my head.  I throw a bucket over the wall just in case.  I’m a bit scared someone is going to see me.  I feel quite vulnerable and a tad bit embarrassed at how I must look.  I have a knife hooked around my waist and as well as a .357 Magnum.  I’m scared of some wild creature being over there, like a javelina.  At first, I freak out at every little sound I hear, but soon enough I calm down and start feeling my way around.

I have no earthly idea what I’m doing or how to go about this.  I just start feeling around in the dirt and digging down some with my pickax.  Before I know it a couple of hours have gone by.  My medication has all but worn off, and I’m feeling it.  I haven’t found anything, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience. I have no desire to stop, but I’m feeling the crash.

I debate whether or not I should call it quits.  To keep going, I need to take another dose of my medication.  I foolishly opt to take it, and feel it kick in. I’m back at it.

After about an hour, my heart jumps; I think I’m on to something.  It’s hard to tell with all the dirt.  I clean it off the best I can, jump over the wall and run into my RV garage.  It looks like some kind of ancient, large spear point.  I scour the internet looking for images and find some exact matches.  I can feel the adrenaline rush.  I bring it with me and jump back over the wall.  I put the spear point in the bucket and continue.

For the next several hours I unearth one piece after another.  Before I know it it’s 2am.  My fourth dose is wearing off.  I reluctantly call it quits.

Below are pictures of my find that night.  If you look closely you’ll see a couple of the small skulls and a large jaw bone from the pile of skulls.


I’m caked in dirt and my knees are killing me from kneeling on the hard ground and rocks. My hands are swollen and aching from crushing thousands of dirt clods.  I take some ibuprofen, shower, and hop into bed.  I sleep in the next morning.

The next day once the sun goes down, it’s like a magnetic force pulling me over that wall again.  I put all my gear on and as soon as I get to the other side of the wall, I feel the same feeling I felt the first night.

It’s like over the wall I step into another realm. like I step into another realm. All my senses sharpen.  My mind enters a heightened state of alert, awareness, and focus.  It’s like I’m back in time, way back. I feel a compelling purpose for me of some kind when I’m over there, like I have invisible guides all around me.

I find more artifacts the second night, the third, the fourth, and so on.  I never go out and come back empty handed. I’m searching each night until 3-4 in the morning and sleeping in later and later each day.  My stimulant medication is what keeps me going.  If I need to take another dose to continue, I just take it.

I’m finding so much treasure it’s unimaginable.  I still tell and show no one except my wife and business partner.  He has a hard time believing I’m actually finding all this on my own.  So, he comes over one evening and joins me.

He doesn’t find anything.  But, he witnesses me unearth this.


I don’t know it at the time, but it’s an ancient flint drill bit.  It’s thousands of years old.

My nightly expeditions over the wall go on for months.

Many nights I stay up searching so long, I’m still out when my daughters leave for school in the morning.  I literally become nocturnal.  I keep all my finds hidden in our sheds on the side of our RV garage until I have more than the sheds can handle.

Here is a sampling of what I unearth. This is only fraction of it all.


Below are more samples…


Ancient Pottery Sherd (approx. 300B.C.)IMG_3229

Ancient knife handle made out of an antlerimg_4775.jpgPottery Sherds and a crystalIMG_2177Volcanic Bomb (google it:)IMG_1025Have no idea, but really cool


flint turtle effigy, arrowheads, bead, potter sherd, etc.IMG_2160

arrowheads, drill bits, spear points, various flint cutting tools, petrified wood, etc.IMG_7066IMG_1121 2

stone ax heads, gold stone with markings on it, arrowheads, spear point, etc.img_1847.jpg

ancient net weights, half broken slate, pottery sherds, cutting tools, arrowheads, daggerimg_1850.jpg

Someone help me on this one!img_1789.jpg

bone pendant, potter sherds, broken toothimg_4619.jpg

Something hand made.  Looks like woman with black hair , round mouth and a cobra snake for her arm.  IMG_9455

Iron dagger.  Notice the handle to the far left.  It has a very sharp point.IMG_1774

Have no idea.  Anyone?IMG_1784

Ancient grinding stone – to grind corn, etc.IMG_1020

Next 2 are a Tomahawk head.  Hard to tell in picuture.  The groove in the back is where it would attach to the handle.IMG_1049IMG_1051

Something really cool.  One of my favorites. Very sharp point.img_1840.jpg

In here there are 2 trilobite fossils.  Can you pick them out? 250 million years old!!! Google it if you’d like.IMG_4613

Have no idea. Carved in stone.  Really cool.


It takes many months working countless hours through the night and many times into the early mornings to find this stuff.  It’s not like there’s a hole with a whole stash of them in it.  I find everything one by one, piece by piece, dirt clod by dirt clod. I become severely sleep deprived, many times averaging only 2-3 hours a night/day.  I learn to survive off my stimulants.

I believe it’s during this time, my dependence becomes an addiction.  I start relying on my stimulants, instead of sleep, to keep my energy levels up during the day.

Besides my family and business partner, I show what I find to only one other person. 

I take about a 10% sampling to the head archeologist at the largest museum in Arizona to witness her reaction.  I make her come out to my car so no one else sees what I have.  I open the trunk and her eyes about pop out of her head.  That’s all I need to see.  She asks where I found them.  I give her the nearest cross streets. She tells me they have no record of anything ancient being in that location.

I smile and say, “Well, there is. Trust me.”

She begins telling me what things are and from what time period they’re from.  Some date back over 5,000 – 7,000 years ago.  She is captivated by the sheer volume, variety, and the massive time span.  She would send me 4 follow-up emails inquiring about excavating.  For some reason, I never respond.

My new endeavor of amazing discoveries leads to an explosion in learning and dangerous explorations. I would end up places I never imagined.  I would have experiences that by all accounts are supernatural. What remains constant throughout are the stimulants I rely on to fuel my breakneck pace. I’m about to be prescribed more than enough to fuel it all…and then some.





4 thoughts on “The Endeavor Begins! [photos included]

  1. Um, geepers, and no offense, but didn’t you have a strong inner voice that you need to call a museum or anyone that this is a huge find in a city that is very protective of its historical context

    1. Hi Leslie. The area I found everything was on my property or it was part of our neighborhood. I checked the laws and made sure I was in compliance. Eventually I️ would end up speaking to several museums and archeologists. They all agreed and were very helpful in helping me understand some of the pieces and educate me.

      1. I am an artifact, fossil, gem and mineral nut as well as an Native fourth generation. I think I would have been next to you digging, no adderal needed. I’m bipolar, and have PTSD. A convert over five years…I’m sooo blessed. Love my LDS family.

  2. The picture with your caption “Have no idea, but really cool” looks like a type of Brachiopod fossil. I used to hunt for them when I was a kid. I love reading your posts and learning about your story! It is very enlightening and my respect for you and your family continues to deepen! Love and miss you all!

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