Until now, I’ve omitted a vital part of the story.  I’ve come to realize, however, that if I don’t include it, the story I share isn’t really my story.  After a lot of deliberation, here’s my best stab at it.

It’s May 23, 2013, about a month in a half before I discover the pile of skulls , lizard stone, and arrowhead over the wall.   I’m sitting up in my bed and have an “If you build it, he will come” experience.


I don’t hear an audible voice.  I feel information being communicated to me.  I grab my journal and begin recording the words that come to my mind.  When finished, I have written exactly 8 sentences.  Most of the sentences are regular length.  One sentence is only 2 words.

It’s too personal to share the specifics, but here’s what I can say about it.

I’m first told there are some things that lie in the earth (I’m told specifically what these things are). They are from an ancient time period.  I’m told I will find them and a few of the implications these things will have once I do.  Then, I’m given a couple sentences of instruction on how to proceed.  That’s it.

I muster up the courage to share it with my wife.

Surprisingly, at the time she believes it to be true.

After weeks of pondering my experience, I decide to act in faith as I’m instructed.

It’s as I do that I find myself up at 5:30am that one Sunday morning.  The Sunday morning I look over the wall, spot the strange pile of skulls, kick over the lizard stone and find my first arrowhead.  (Click here for that post)


Although what I find that Sunday morning is not specifically what I’m told I will find, it fits perfectly within the context of it.

It’s ancient.

It was lying in the earth.

And, I find it while following the instructions I write down.

My rational mind simply can’t check it off as mere chance or coincidence.

So, the “endeavor” wasn’t just something I had a passion about because I kick over an unusual lizard stone.  An impression I may have left up until now.  I don’t have a natural or enduring interest in artifacts or ancient civilizations or cultures.  Nor is it something I want to do regardless of the wants and needs of those around me.

It is something I can no longer resist doing.  It’s something I now feel compelled I have to do.  With every ancient artifact I incredibly unearth in the weeks and months that follow, which is hundreds, I feel I’m getting closer to finding what I’m really looking for, what I’m told I will find.

This is why the “endeavor” is so meaningful to me.

My strange experience and the manner I find everything is no doubt peculiar, and abnormal to say the least.  I get that.  This is precisely why at the time I keep everything to myself and tell no one I don’t have to.  In my mind, I’m on a very personal journey, one I can’t explain to anyone. Even if I could no one would believe me anyway.

I don’t believe it’s important to my story whether or not my original experience is real or a figment of my imagination.

What is important to understand is that I start to believe it’s real and I begin to see everything that happens in my life through the lens of that one experience.

My entire life’s paradigm shifts, and with that shift…our life’s train jumps tracks!

I never find what I was told I would before my entire life collapses all around me, at least at the time I’m not aware that I’ve found it. Also, nothing changes the fact that during the process, I become dependent or addicted to stimulants, allow myself to become chronically sleep deprived, and lose my sanity.

I decided to share my original experience now because I realized it’s not just part of the story, it is the story.

Had I never had this experience and followed the instructions I write down, I would never have found what was buried in the earth next to my house, the endeavor would never have existed, my medication problem likely wouldn’t have gotten out of control, and I certainly wouldn’t have lost everything in my life.

If I was or am nuts, then so be it.

If I’m not, and the experience is real, then in time perhaps I will find what I’m told I will find.

In the meantime, I’ve learned a lesson or two, to put it mildly.

What cannot be refuted is that because of my experience and following the instructions I receive, I find hundreds of ancient artifacts and relics buried in the earth.

Our life, as we know, also seems to get destroyed in the process.

At this point, I still have many more questions than answers.

I can’t explain why I wrote what I did.

I can’t explain why I felt to walk to that wall that morning and then kick over that stone.

I can’t explain the many untold experiences and discoveries I have afterward.  Many of which are impossible for me to share on a blog.

As far as my story goes, things are about ready to go south in my life with incredible speed.  Our family is about to get hit with the test of all tests.  We’re going to be blown to pieces with seemingly no hope of ever recovering.  Everything good in our lives reverses and turns bad, really bad. But, it won’t be the end though…not by a long shot!





















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