Jeremy Bowman
Jeremy Bowman

The purpose of this blog is to tell my story of how I lost everything and then how the pieces came back together.  If they can for me, they can for anybody.  I’ve discovered for myself that there is always hope.  There is always a way.  Start where you are.  Use what you have. Do what you can.  Believe in miracles.  And no matter what, never, never quit trying.  For as someone wise once told me, “Most people quit before the blessings come.”

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And, by the way, my name is Jeremy Bowman. I’m 45 years old (2017). I’m the proud father of 7 amazing children (Our 7th, Aubrey Ruth, died right before birth). I enjoy fly fishing, golfing, hunting, exploring, camping, and I’m an avid learner.  I have over 15+ years experience in real estate investing. I love all sports and played baseball in college. 

There Are Good Things To Come…

Jeremy BowmanJeremy Bowman and my little buddy

Jeremy Bowman with my little buddy

Jeremy Bowman and his AR-15, oh, and my boy:)

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Jeremy Bowman family

Below is the beginning of showing and explaining a story of discovery and learning that has run parallel with my life for over 7 years. Ultimately, this will all be contained in a separate blog. For now, we’ll start here.

Ancient Record | Ancient Writing
Egg Shaped Stone

How some things anciently were made in a way that hid messages, images, illustrations, and illustrated stories on stone. Hidden in plain site to the casual observer.

(outline added to make clear what is actually there and anciently made with intent and meaning)

Now that you’ve seen it outlined, can you see the chick head breaking out of it’s shell? Do you think that is the only thing hidden on this egg shaped and sized stone?

This is a stone box that I discovered. It was buried in the ground. What’s interesting is it had what seemed like a headstone as if it was a grave burial. The headstone is at the back of the box. It was connected to a stone beneath the ground, but the entire headstone stood straight up out of the ground. When examined closely great care was taken to create perfect 90° angles, and other symbols that are geometrical perfect and if understood, conveys a clear message. Inside the stone box were perfect rectangle shaped stone slaps about an inch and a half thick, 8 inches long and 5 inches wide. The slabs had thin layers of dirt and when wiped off fainted illustrations in a variety of colors were on them. One had a tree in the middle illustrating its roots, stem and trunk. There are many other thing portrayed on them.

Notice the right side wall. It is assembled in a way that also conveys a clear message. Notice the perfect right angle where it connects with the back and bottom stone. The other cuts in the stone create lines all of which lead to the same place…the intersection where all lines connect.

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