Jeremy Bowman

Have you been hit with life’s hardest, shockingly hardest, blows?  Have those blows not just knocked you down, but knocked you clear out of the ring?  Are you broken or facing seemingly impossible mountains to climb?  Are the odds against you?  Do you have challenges in your life that are bigger than you are?  Have you ever had everything you ever wanted and then lost it all, and I mean all of it, left destitute and homeless? What about mental illnesses?  Have you ever suffered from the unimaginable pain of debilitating depression, anxiety, fear, or hopelessness to the point where you wanted to cease to exist?  Have you had to battle your whole life with ADHD or some other battle or disorder? Or, do you just want to be entertained at my expense?

I do and have, to all of these questions.  I’ve lived almost all my life in the favorable light of success and prosperity in all facets. Mostly, I only knew feeling happy, grateful and richly blessed.  Then, one day, as if orchestrated by some unseen power, everything came crashing down on me, and I lost it all.  I found myself caught in the grasp of addiction before I even knew what was happening to me, lost my beautiful wife and 6 wonderful children, close friends, my multi-million dollar business, my dream home, and all my income.  I ended up in jail for 48 days, a treatment center for 108 days, and then homeless sleeping underneath the stars all alone. 

All this caused untold mental and emotional trauma that seemed to cause every mental illness to descend upon me at once.  Emotional and mental pain and suffering like I never knew possible took hold of me and wouldn’t let go. I broke, completely.  I was in extreme and utter shock and disbelief.  I couldn’t process what had happened to me so fast, what had happened to our beautiful family.  My life and future had been blown to pieces, burnt to the ground and nothing seemed left but smoldering ashes.  The devastation of it all was more than my soul could bear.  It was all as unanticipated as it was real.  I saw no hope of salvaging any of it, including my wife and family.

But, although all I saw was darkness, there would be miraculous help and happiness ahead.  The seemingly impossible would happen.  I would overcome my addiction, gain back the love and trust of my family, find employment that provided for them, and find a lovely home for us to reside.  It took miracles, more than I can count.  It took the help of a small army of people and angels.  It required the help of doctors, therapists, counselors, church leaders, and most importantly it took standing back up while still completely broken and swinging back at life with all the strength I could muster.  What have I learned from it all?  How has it all changed me?  How can my story and its lessons give hope, encouragement, and help to you?

The purpose of this blog is to tell my story of what happened and how the pieces came back together.  If they can for me, they can for you.  My message to you is that I’ve discovered for myself that there is always hope.  There is always a way.  Start where you are.  Use what you have. Do what you can.  Believe in miracles.  And no matter what, never, never quit trying.  For as someone wise once told me, “Most people quit before the blessings come.”

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And, by the way, my name is Jeremy Bowman. I’m 45 years old (2017), happily married to my wife of 23 years and the proud dad of 7 wonderful children. 


I enjoy fly fishing, golfing, hunting, exploring, camping, and I’m an avid learner.  I have over 15+ years experience in real estate investing.  I love helping to coach my son’s baseball team.  I love all sports and played baseball in college.  We live in Gilbert, Arizona.  Our entire family is continuing the process of rebuilding and healing.  We’re doing it, and so can you. There Are Good Things To Come…