An Unusually Strange Turn of Events

It's July 2013.  It's a beautiful Sunday morning about 5:30am in Chandler, Arizona. I'm up gazing out our back window into our beautifully landscaped backyard, noticing the crystal clear blue water of our pool glistening in the rising sun. Everything is quiet and peaceful. The family is still sleeping.  l feel compelled to walk out our back…

Below Rock Bottom

It's December 13, 2015.  I've just woken up freezing cold and laying on top of an old bookcase in my makeshift shelter in a secluded field.  I'm homeless.  I have no money, no phone, and no transportation.  I've lost everything in my life including my beautiful wife and 6 amazing children, my multi-million dollar business, all my income, close and dear friends, and my dream home.